Register Your Clients

Thank you for your interest in our communities! We know that REALTOR® cooperation is an important part of our success, and we thank you for introducing your client to Star Construction, Inc. We ask that this form be completed by the Broker (or Sales Associate) for any prospective purchasers you are working with. The protection period remains in effect for thirty (30) days from the date below and is renewable upon written request.  Please review the policies below and sign the form indicating your acceptance of the terms protecting you and your prospective purchaser.

Star Construction, Inc. will provide protection for cooperating brokers within the following guidelines:

Brokers or their associates, to receive protection, must:

1.       PERSONALLY ACCOMPANY the prospect to our sales office and complete this form (or the associated physical form found in our office); phone calls will NOT qualify for protection.

2.       Leave with us a fully completed registration form for each prospect. Be sure your name, company and telephone number are fully completed and accurate.

3.       Prospective purchasers will not be permitted to register for, or personally provide protection to, their broker.

4.       If your prospective purchaser has previously registered on their own at a Star Construction, Inc. community, you will not be eligible for compensation under this agreement. This includes anyone who will be a party to the purchase of a Star Construction, Inc. home.

5.      Other referral promotions will not apply with this agreement.

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